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healthy lifestyle in numbers
Four key points at the heart of a healthy lifestyle. A short checklist to help you get your rhythm back on track.
1-2 days
It takes your body to recover. Don't neglect your rest!
3 times a week
Workout 3 times a week: the optimal amount of activity to lose weight and stay in shape
5 times a day
A balanced diet means four or five meals a day
8 hours
A healthy sleep lasts eight hours: during this time the body has time to rest and recover
healthy lifestyle in numbers
Before you start the process of losing weight, you must understand why you need it. In other words, set a goal. This is the initial motivation that drives you all the way to your goal

Over time, we forget why we started it all: in such a situation, it is important to remind yourself of the goal

What else would be a good motivator?
In the right environment, all difficulties are easily overcome
Short phrases that fill you with strength and inspiration and give you confidence
The environment affects your resource state
mistakes that do not allow achieve the desired results
It is not only beginners who make mistakes, but also those who lose weight for many years. Usually such people lose weight or quickly gain weight immediately after the end of the diet. To avoid this happening, you need to initially approach the preparation competently, and in the process - do not make mistakes

Below are the 6 most common mistakes that slow down the process of losing weight
Intuitive diets
Any wrong step can lead to adverse consequences. So do not take on the role of a nutritionist, but it is better to consult with a specialist: the rejection of certain foods is unacceptable in order to maintain health
Taking untested medications
Remember that the body's reaction to any medication is different for everyone, so you should not experiment. Sport and good nutrition are the safe cure for extra pounds!
Lack of training
In the process of losing weight it is important to have a complex - the right diet and sports. It is this scheme that will help you lose excess weight and improve your physical fitness
Obsessive thoughts
about losing weight
You don't have to constantly think about the pounds, get up on the scale 20 times a day, stay up at night, and so on. Everything will happen by itself, the main thing is to give time and not to rush the events!
Desire for quick results
Of course, we always want to see what we want in a short period of time. But what we get quickly, we can similarly lose. That is why it is necessary to set ourselves up for the long haul.
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